Expert Account Management Assistance

Egencia Account Management helps clients build and maintain the best possible managed travel programmes in the industry.

Experts in Travel Management

Our Account Managers have worldwide travel industry knowledge and direct experience. They align Egencia’s booking solutions with clients’ business travel goals. Driving online adoption, setting up policy configuration and training – are just a sample of the benefits our Account Managers bring to each client. Additionally they offer valuable advice with supplier negotiations, bid management and hotel negotiated rate auditing and management. 

Planning for Success

Egencia Account Management builds tailored, strategic plans for every client to ensure they achieve their desired business travel outcomes. Prior to implementation, Egencia Account Managers establish relationships with key client stakeholders, and define specific goals and KPIs in conjunction with clients’ travel policies.

We help clients build the best managed travel programs in the industry.

Setting Up For Success

Proactive training and education practices are key to achieving immediate and widespread adoption of new travel programs with Egencia. In as little as 30 days, a Egencia Account Manager and dedicated implementation team can prepare and train a client`s travel arrangers and educate their travelers to ensure a successful launch. Egencia can demonstrate high average online adoption rates and policy compliances.

Measuring and Monitoring Success

Launching a managed travel programme with Egencia is just the beginning. Egencia Account Managers conduct regular "monitor-benchmark-adjust" preformance cycles, business reviews and apply relevant best practices to increase programme efficiency, and our service teams around the globe are available whenever situations arise.

Account Management Benefits

  • Cost-savings and goal strategies
    “Experienced account management support tailored to your specific programme goals.”
  • Personalised training and administrative support
    “Insight and best practices to get your travel programme up and running quickly.”
  • Policy and compliance reviews
    “Quarterly and annual check-ups to make sure your programme is performing as expected.”
  • Online adoption and programme assessments
    “We want you to get the most from Egencia, and our Account Managers know how to help you do it.”
  • Optimised supplier strategies and negotiations
    “Fully leverage the buying power of your organisation to ensure the best value.”
  • Benchmarking and analytical insight
    “Compare metrics and best practices from other successful travel programmes.”
  • Global expansion assistance and advice
    “Professional, knowledgeable expertise from travel professionals with a truly global view.”
  • Nice people
    "On the journey of travel management, it`s always best to travel with people you`ll like".
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