Expert Analysis of Business Travel Programmes

Egencia Consulting Services offers a full-range of options to help customise, fine tune and implement a travel management programme that aligns with our clients’ business and financial goals. Egencia Consulting Services offers Air Programme Analysis, Air Strategy Planning, Air RFP and Sourcing Hotel Strategy Planning and Hotel RFP and Sourcing.

Air Program Analysis

Egencia’s Air Programme Analysis provides a full audit and analysis of current air travel programmes and offers recommendations for improvements and potential new contracting opportunities.

  • Delivers a deeper understanding of entire air programme and spend.
  • Highlights average fares and discounts by carrier, top market pairs, and which carriers are being used for specific routes.
  • Provides valuable insight for successful contract negotiations.

Air Strategy Plan

The Air Strategy Plan provides a full analysis of entire corporate air programmes and information required in the RFP/Sourcingprocess.

  • Assists in determining how to change supplier mix to maximise savings and minimise travellerimpact.
  • Provides an overview on current air programme and the quality of current airline deals.
  • Analyses current negotiated contracts, and delivers key findings, recommendations and alternative considerations.
We gather data, perform analysis, make recommendations and work with clients to implement the solution.
  • Air RFP and Sourcing

    Using information from the Air Strategy Plan, Egencia runs the entire RFP process fora company and helps select airlines to be added, maintained, or removed from the programme for the next year.

    • Delivers a standard RFP to be sent to each airline and leverages Egencia’s expertise in air sourcing to obtain the best possible rates. 
    • Provides detailed analysis of pricing terms offered and delivers negotiating materials for each airline requested.
    • Coordinates the entire contracting process.
  • Hotel Strategy Plan

    Our Hotel Strategy Plan offers a full analysis of current corporate hotel programmes and delivers information to assist in the annual RFP process.

    • Combines agency, credit card and expense data to capture true total spend; hotel geographic clustering provides complete picture of all hotelspend.
    • Delivers financial impact scenarios to identify opportunities for additional savings.
    • Offers new insight into programme compliance; quickly identify leakage and preferred hotel usage, and receive on-going, updated quarterly reporting.
  • Hotel RFP and Sourcing

    Using information from the Hotel StrategyPlan, Egencia will run the entire RFP process, including conducting the RFP and selecting hotels that will be added, maintained or removed from the programme for the next year.

    • Provides comparison ofrates and amenities at many different hotels.
    • Streamlines the entire sourcing process, a significant time-saver.