Real-Time Data to Help Manage Business Travel Costs

Businesses around the world turn to Egencia to provide the tools, technology and support to reduce business travel costs, drive travel policy compliance and deliver bottom-line savings. Our clients benefit from real-time travel data and on-demand reports to continuously monitor and improve their managed travel programs.

Better Intelligence Promotes Greater Compliance

Egencia brings travel management reporting to a new level. Dynamic and interactive charts and graphs quickly highlight new travel cost-savings opportunities to make impactful adjustments to our clients’ managed travel programmes. Instant data gives insights into travel-spending changes and possibilities for negotiated rate agreements.

Actionable Travel Intelligence

Egencia delivers actionable travel intelligence. Travel managers can quickly and easily uncover savings opportunities with on-demand reporting which includes daily updates to online and agent-assisted bookings. Leverage comprehensive reports that provide a detailed analysis of one particular aspect of travel spend, or look at broader travel trends across the organization.

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Egencia brings travel management reporting to a new level.

A basis for Travel Management Decisions

Through Egencia Intelligence we can customize reports in various formats and at different levels - from basic statistics showing airlines, trips, destinations and products, to more in-depth analyses showing online usage, average price developement and benchmark reports. This information will peovide a good foundation for making strategic Travel Management decisions.

Air Savings Report

Leverage the Air Savings Report to identify differences between ticketed fares and full flex fares, for traveller education and policy enchancement. View the "missed savings" the company has lost as a result of employees selecting an airfare that is higher than the lowest logical fare at the time of booking.

Compare Travel Spend Across Departements

  • Conduct a review of travel spend by departement on a monthly or quarterly basis to identify which departements are adhering to company policy, and which departements require a reminder, additional training or education.

  • Track Travel Spend
    The Travel Spend Overview report helps identifytrends related to air, car and hotel purchases that are driving total travel spend up or down.

  • Online adoption
    Tickets booked via online tool contra call/email to travel agent - online share

  • Leakage through booking channel
    Flights booked with Egencia contra direct with airlines - how many percent of total bookings goes through Egencia Online and our travel agents

  • Travel Polilcy Nonconformity
    Number and value of tickets that are not booked within the company`s travel policy

  • Savings hotel
    Usage of preferred hotels. How many room nights are booked at the company`s preferred hotel partners - compliance degree to travel policy.

  • Quantify Advance Air Purchase Savings
    Display average air ticket values and the number and percentage of tickets purchased within five different levels of anticipation in relation to the actual travel date. Quickly identify if travellers are improving their travel purchase behavior to help minimise the organisation’s overall average air ticket price.
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