Modern Business Travel Management

Egencia’s industry-leading travel technology and exceptional service offerings help travel managers implement cost savings initiatives drive policy compliance and monitor real-time changes to travel-spending. As the digital age transforms the travel business, travel managers are using technology from Egencia to better manage travel programmes and to support the modern business traveller.

Customizable Controls

Egencia’s flexible and customizable programme controls allow our clients to align corporate travel programmes with company requirements. Policy criteria may be adjusted by traveller group to accommodate unique roles and travel patterns.

Act Fast

Egencia gives travel managers complete control. It is easy to ‘add or remove’ employee profiles and account privileges orchange any policy setting to proactively deal with out-of-policy booking behaviour.

Egencia strives to deliver an exceptional experience for every client and traveller.

Monitoring Made Easy

Egencia helps Travel Managers monitor managed travel programmes to better realize compliance goals and meet individual contract commitments: 

  • Scheduled Reports

    Scheduled Reports automatically generates preferred spend reports, according to the travel manager’s specific settings and schedule.

  • Dynamic Reporting

    Dynamic Reporting allows travel managers to create reports using customizable data and criteria.

  • Actionable Travel Intelligence

    Egencia deliver actionable travel intelligence. Travel Managers can quickly and easily uncover savings opportunities with on-demand reporting which includes daily updates to online and agent-assisted bookings. Leverage comprehensive reports that provide a detailed analysis of one particular aspect of travel spend, or look at broader travel trends across the organization.

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