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Estonia - Tallinn and Pärnu

Tallinn is the capital and largest port city in Estonia with the entire historic center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But did you know that Estonia has more than one capital to offer? Estonia's summer capital Pärnu is just a 2 hours drive away from Tallinn - and has miles and miles of sandy beaches to offer.


Spain - Gran Canaria

Lovely, Norwegian summer - in wintertime.
In the Atlantic Ocean, 200 km from the northwest coast of Africa lies The Canary Islands, the Winter Paradise for frozen Norwegians. While the Norwegian winter's at the darkest and coldest, the Canary Islands has an average temperature of 25 degrees - not only in the winter but all year around.


Hungary - Budapest

Sightseeing in Budapest can be done in many ways: Walking in groups with a guide, hop on/off tourist bus, horse and carriage, tuktuk, or the luxurious way: private sightseeingtrip on the river Donau in a speedboat with a driver, and get served Champagne along the way.


Norway - Oslo

Of all the months, May is probably the best choice for visiting Oslo. In May, summer is just around the corner, the days are longer and everything comes to life after the dark and cold winter months. Here's 5 things to do while visiting Oslo.



Boston - USA

Did you know it was right here in Boston that slavery was abolished in 1865? And in 2004 – Boston was the first state to legalize gay marriage?

Boston was always – and still remains an important intellectual, technological, and political center in the United States. One of its many nicknames is America's Athens.


Canada - Edmonton and Jasper

Already when boarding the Icelandair flight from Reykjavik to Edmonton, I notice the special atmosphere on board, and that there certainly is a different kind of people here than the ones you see on other flights. Adventure is in the air, fishing gear on the shelves and lots of excited faces everywhere.


USA - Winter fun in Maine

Dog-sled in Maine’s beautiful winter landscape
Alpine skiing in Sunday River ski resort. 5 mountain peaks - more than 70 runs!
Into the woods on a snowmobile
There are plenty of fun winter activities available in Maine.

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Brussels - Belgium

What do you do after you've seen the Grand Place (one of the largest and most beautiful squares, surrounded by baroque and Gothic style buildings), the small peeing boy Manneken Pis and been through the first platters of mussels with fries?
Well, then it's time for - CHOCOLATE!


Bruges - Belgium

In the Middle Ages Bruges was one of Europe's most important trade centers and the city's port was frequently visited by ships from all over the world. The Historic part of Bruges has been on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites since 2000. It's a small, beautiful and quiet town, perfect for a romantic weekend. Stroll around in the small cobbled streets or on the picturesque stone bridges and look at the swans in the channels and lakes. It feels like you are suddenly hundreds of years back in time.


Iran - a different kind of travel experience

During Easter 2014 Tom Ødemark (Egencia Oslo) and 3 friends travelled to Iran together with a group of 20 others - plus guide/translator. The trip lasted eight days and went in all directions throughout the country by bus.