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Starbucks and Egencia – A Successful Partnership no

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse company, with more than 20,000 stores in 62 countries. Starbucks reports $15 billion in annual revenue and has 160,000 employees—called partners—worldwide. More than 5,400 Starbucks partners travel regularly, and 4,000 travel internationally to more than 100 countries per year. In total, Starbucks purchases more than 23,000 flights per year and has an annual global air spend of about $16 million.

Find out how Egencia helps the Starbucks Travel Team sustain a well-tuned program that delivers on four key pillars: cost, comfort, convenience, and safety

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“Our collaboration with Egencia helps Starbucks make better global travel choices.” 

— Raymond Williams
Senior Manager, Global Travel, Meetings and Reimbursements

“There are locations where we don’t have enough consolidated hotel volume
to negotiate a Starbucks corporate rate. Giving travelers access to both the Egencia and Expedia hotel rates in those markets is extremely important to our bottom line.” 

— Jonathan Davidson
Travel & Meetings Operations Manager

“We give partners options. They’re able to find their comfort zone within a menu of travel options that we provide to them.

— Raymond Williams

“Egencia’s filtering and sorting capabilities help our travelers make the best online booking choice within our policy guidelines.”

— Jonathan Davidson

“Egencia has a seat at the table whenever we make travel decisions.”

— Raymond Williams

“One of the primary reasons we direct our partners to book with Egencia is to be able to monitor their location so that we can quickly contact or assist them, if needed. Egencia’s online reporting – 24/7 – is tremendously helpful in those situations.”

— Jonathan Davidson