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Stretching Spend With Travel Data At 3 Egencia Customers


How 3 Egencia customers use travel data to stretch their spend

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As many businesses prepare their travel programmes for the post COVID-19 environment, they are relying on data to inform and educate their approach. From powerful reporting on scheduled and past travel to actionable metrics around types of travel and unused ticket management, data should give your business the full picture when it comes to supporting traveller safety and revenue management.  

Egencia Analytics Studio gives you a single, on-demand view of all your data. With both online and offline travel data consolidated in one place, defined workspaces, and rich filtering, Analytics Studio has helped increase visibility on travel spend so customers can optimise to drive efficiency and savings in their programmes.

Our reporting also helps provide better risk management at our customers, big and small. Technology like Egencia Traveller Tracker allows travel managers to see where their travellers have been in the last 30 days, where they’re scheduled to be, and where they’re going, in order to support traveller safety and mitigate risk.

Data equals better deals and decisions at AMS

Our reporting technology puts the most relevant data right in our customers’ hands. Equipped with concrete numbers, our customers measure trends and behaviours in spend, ROI, and identify areas to save money.

“[By] working with Egencia, we get an overall view of our spend. We’re not paying a fortune; we have a commercial model that works. That means we can manage spend carefully and get a clear understanding of how much we’re spending on managing the programme as opposed to on the programme itself. The reporting gives us visibility of what our travel costs are”

— Michael McSperrin, global head of facilities and support services at AMS

Many of our larger customers come to us with previously negotiated agreements with hotel chains, and even these can be optimised. By using reporting in the studio, customers can see where their travellers are frequently travelling or visiting en masse and leverage the data in negotiations for better or new supplier deals.

“The reporting has really helped to influence decisions about when we need to increase travel, decrease travel, [and] target certain areas or regions. It gives us the visibility to understand where we need to direct our resources, budgets, and staff to make sure we’re going to the right places at the right time. But also, to make sure that we can leverage our buying power to say negotiate a better deal with a hotel or negotiate a better deal with an airline, for example.”  

— Michael McSperrin, global head of facilities and support services at AMS.

Getting the full picture at Kaspersky and Egmont

Our reporting functionality lets our customers consolidate both online and offline data all in one place. The consolidated data means they get one single view of their data and don’t waste productive time working between multiple systems and programmes.

From spend and adoption metrics to Savings Finder results, purchase windows, and unused ticket availability, Analytics Studio is full of valuable data that helps our customers make cost-conscious decisions that increase savings.

If a customer sees a consistently short hotel booking window within a particular department or traveller group, for example, they can then refer back to their policy and update it, mandating advanced bookings, which are typically much cheaper.

“I’m a fan of data. I love to work with it. I love seeing how figures can show what is happening, where we are going, what the trends are. I use it to generate different types of reports like compliance reports, global travel reviews, and more. This data is a great support for me.”

— Irina Kostyukova, head of business travel at Kaspersky

Our customers get more than a view of their own data with Analytics Studio too. For example, they can assess market share and even compare their programme performance to other like-sized companies using a benchmarking dashboard. And of course, all this information means our clients’ travel managers can easily report back to their internal stakeholders and senior execs.

“By partnering with Egencia, we made our data stronger. It’s really important that we have the data somewhere central in the company. Then we decentralise it out to all the employees, so when I call one of the travel managers, it’s very important for me that they know everything about their company and also all of their travellers’ travel patterns.”

— Adam Massigeh, category manager at Egmont

Making the numbers meaningful

For many organisations, the environment and the understanding of their travel programmes’ impact has become a priority. With green goals high on the agenda, our reporting helps provide visibility to enable businesses to make more sustainable business travel decisions.

“The CO2 dashboard is brilliant for us. It gives us visibility of our carbon impact, and the footprint we have as a business. And it helps us to understand and then educate our travellers as well. We want to educate travellers as to the impact of flying long haul business class, first-class, or economy. We’ve all got to play a part in the fight against climate change, and the dashboard gives us data we can use to influence and change behaviours.” 

— Michael McSperrin, global head of facilities and support services at AMS.

The Carbon Emissions reporting dashboard for hotel and air sits within the Analytics Studio and supports companies to track their CO2 impact and react accordingly. From offsetting their carbon footprints to educating their travellers to change behaviours, the data available in the dashboards is key to informing green decisions.

Many travel suppliers take their sustainability obligations very seriously and understand the power of data and evidence when it comes to supporting more sustainable travel now and in the future.

“There is no planet B. We have a great impact on our planet and the ones living on it. There’s a lot of attention on data and backing what you do with evidence, which is essential for driving sustainability work in the right direction. We have an obligation [to customers] to be more transparent about our environmental footprint and find more common measurements so they can make informed choices.”

— Harald Bjugstad-Holm, director of sustainability at Nordic Choice Hotels

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