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Where can I view my available receipts/invoices?

Where can I view my available receipts/invoices?
  • From Trips, locate itinerary for which you need receipt
  • Select "Past" trips, if applicable
  • Click "Receipts" in far-right column
  • For multi-item bookings, select "View" link to view, print, email or download the receipt


Egencia will provide a receipt for the airfare cost within 24-hours after the ticket is issued by the airline.


  • Payment through Egencia - Egencia will charge the room cost on your card the day of check-in, and receipt will be available within 48-hours. The hotel will provide a receipt for any additional fees and incidentals charged during your stay.
  • Payment at hotel - Please contact the hotel directly to obtain a receipt/invoice for your stay.


No online receipts are available for rail bookings. Amtrak will email your receipt directly.

Car rental

Please contact the car rental vendor directly for car rental receipts.

Questions about a receipt/invoice?

Please fill out the Customer invoice care form for any invoice-related inquiries, such as a missing invoice for a charge made directly by Egencia. The Customer Invoice Care team will respond to your inquiry shortly.


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