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Egencia Marine Offshore Energy provides specialized solutions for business and crew travel in maritime related businesses such as shipping, offshore, maritime suppliers and the cruise industry.

Travel Services for your Business Travel needs

At Egencia, we have for over 25 years offered seamless global service and solutions to the Marine, Offshore, and Energy sectors.

Starting from our innovative travel management platform, we can offer tailored solutions to fit your business needs. Our best in class service and technology will help ensure your travelers arrive safely and on-time to their destination, while enabling you to achieve your travel program objectives.

Marine Offshore Energy Travel Agencies in Norway

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Contact: Ole-Einar Jørgensen - Email: ole.einar.jorgensen@viaegencia.com

Corporate: Tel: +47 23 15 15 90 - Email: osl@viaegencia.com
Crew: Email: crew-osl@viaegencia.com - Tel: +47 23151580
Cort Adelersgate 30, 7th floor, PB.  1353 Vika NO-0113 Oslo

Tel: 51444434 mob: 91312928
Nøstegaten 30,  5010 Bergen

Tel: 51444434 mob: 91312928
Forusbeen 78, 4033 Stavanger

Tel: + 47 77648001
Storgata 90-92, 9008 Tromsø, P.B. 137, 9252 Tromsø



Traveller safety

We understand the importance of safety and security. On top of helping travellers arrive on time to their destination, we take care to help ensure travelers are informed of potential travel risks.

In order to do this, we provide support and tools to help your company take the utmost care and prec

24/7 Service:
Our highly skilled and trained team to help with urgent bookings and rescheduling flights

Dynamic traveler tracking solution, with
Integrated, real-time view of traveler movement, before, during, and after their trip. Visual overview of all travelers on an interactive map
Extract trip details and contact information for you reference
Communication alerts available for all travelers on the homepage for critical ones, plus a dedicated page on website for all travel news and alerts

Integration with third party travel security providers 
We offer integration with industry leading security providers such as ISOS and IJet

Egencia is ISO, Achilles and PCI Certified.

For more than 50 years, leading shipping companies world wide have chosen Egencia as their preferred marine and offshore travel provider.

Service expertise

Your travellers will benefit from:

  • 24/7 support gives you all the piece of mind that of urgent modifications will be taken care of immediately
  • Personalized service from a dedicated team of experienced Travel Consultants, specialized in the sector
  • Dedicated telephone number, for all queries
  • Visa services, our agents can assist travelers secure visas for their required destination
  • Crew Care, we can provide comprehensive travel support for your crew at each step of your journey; including ground transportation arrangements and hotel reservations for port arrivals
  • Proactive solutions, our agents help travelers find the right solution to fit their complex travel needs, find cost-effective alternatives on waitlisted or oversold flights, as well as providing expertise and tips on how when using the Egencia Corporate Travel website
  • Service excellence, with a high focus on compliance with SLA’s and on quality control through KPI’s